Arrived Homes CEO Ryan Frazier: Becoming A Landlord $100 At A Time

Ryan Frazier is a co-founder and CEO of Arrived Homes, a platform for real estate investments offering shares of rental properties.

As a serial entrepreneur, Frazier co-founded and managed DataRank, a product and brand conversation analytics company which got acquired by Simply Measured.

Frazier graduated from the University of Arkansas, majoring in international business and marketing.

Frazier will participate at Benzinga's Fintech Deal Day event in New York City on Nov. 13, participating in the panel discussion titled "Fintech Innovations in Underserved Markets." This discussion will address unique challenges and opportunities in underserved markets like insurance, collections, home ownership, or compliance.

Finding the Real Estate Niche

Frazier admits the driving force behind his idea of Arrived Homes came from his passion for entrepreneurship and investment in rental properties.

"I was growing in my career, and my career has been one long entrepreneurial journey, so we just moved around a lot. When you’re moving every two years, it makes it really hard to invest in rental homes. So, I started investing in public real estate funds as my investment in real estate," he said in an interview.

Still, he couldn't get what he was after from real estate investment trusts (REITs) due to their high correlation with the broad market sentiment. He started Arrived Homes as a way to invest in individual properties, with investments starting as little as $100.

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After receiving investments from household names such as Jeff Bezos, Dara Khosrowshahi and Spencer Rascoff, the company quickly grew, attracting tens of thousands of investors and funding more than $119 million over 300-plus properties in just four years.

Arrived Homes caters to small investors who are not afraid to put in the work to outperform the market. Arrived Homes likely attracts individuals who precisely understand where they want to invest and why, following the steps of investors such as Peter Lynch, who preferred products they understood.

Investors then benefit from property appreciation while collecting quarterly dividends while they wait. Meanwhile, downside risk is limited and investments are available to non-accredited investors, which is often a big hurdle regarding alternative assets.

"Our goal is to make the wealth-building potential of owning rental homes and vacation rentals more accessible. We believe we can do that by simplifying the process and lowering the cost to get started," Frazier confidently stated on the company website.

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Photo: Shutterstock; Arrived Homes

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