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Roughly 1-in-5 Car Owners Are Service Slackers – Behind on Oil Changes & Tire Rotations

CENTREVILLE, Va., Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- New CARFAX data shows that many Americans are behind on critical vehicle maintenance such as regular oil changes and tire rotations. In fact, 29% are behind on oil changes and 44% haven't had their tires rotated as required. About 1-in-5 owners are behind on both services, CARFAX data shows. This information was compiled from alerts and service records for the 35 million vehicles in the CARFAX Car Care program.

Map shows how up-to-date drivers are in each of the 50 United States.

Well-maintained vehicles last longer, cost owners less over time, and are worth more when it's time to sell them.

The true Service Slackers? They're car owners who live in Alaska, West Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island and Mississippi. These owners are the most likely to have missed their important maintenance dates.

But take heart: There are Maintenance Mavens, who are at the other end of the spectrum, who get the work done in a more timely fashion than the average American car owner. They live in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, Nevada and Virginia.

"Well-maintained vehicles last longer, cost owners less over time, and are worth more when it's time to sell them," said Paul Nadjarian, General Manager of CARFAX Car Care. "Our free Car Care program helps vehicle owners stay on top of their maintenance schedule with helpful reminders. It not only gives current owners more confidence in their vehicle, it builds confidence in future owners as well."

If you're unsure of your vehicle's maintenance history, check out CARFAX Car Care to better understand when it's time to service your car. CARFAX Car Care is a free tool that tracks your service needs, with timely service reminders and notifications of new recalls. CARFAX data shows that, In addition to just running better, a well-maintained car is worth an extra $330 on average in resale value over the same car that hasn't gotten its TLC.

Why Timely Service Matters

Your owner's manual has information on how often you should change your oil. Regular recommended oil changes are important to ensure:

  • Proper engine lubrication
  • Debris and sludge are flushed out
  • Engine temperature is well-regulated
  • Best engine performance
  • Optimal gas mileage

Rotating your tires regularly will improve the longevity of your tires and help keep you safe on the road. Many service shops will rotate your tires at the same time as your oil change. Regular tire rotation is important to prevent:

  • Uneven tread wear patterns
  • Unreliable handling

If you need maintenance help, but don't know where to go, CARFAX offers a free service center directory with ratings and reviews from verified customers. You can find more information on maintenance schedules at:

Editor's note: We have figures on how many drivers are behind on oil changes, tire rotations and both at a state level. Interviews with a CARFAX expert are available at any time. Please contact Patrick Olsen at


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