Datasea Announces Sept. 2023 Revenue of $2.5M From Its 5G Messaging Business






The Month's Robust Revenue from the 5G Business Segment is Expected to be Sustainable through Fiscal Year 2024


Datasea Inc., (NASDAQ:DTSS) ("Datasea" or the "Company"), a Nevada incorporated digital technology corporation engaged in converging and innovative business segments for intelligent acoustics and 5G messaging technology in China, today announced that it recorded revenue of RMB 17.8 million (US $2.5 million) in the month of September 2023, attributable to three of its 5G business segment operating entities. The Company's September 2023 5G messaging revenue was 12x greater than 5G messaging revenue in September 2022 which came in at RMB 0.15 million (US $0.02 million).

Datasea CEO, Ms. Zhixin Liu, commented, "Our 5G messaging business has recovered rapidly so far this year relative to somewhat discouraging results last year. We signed major contracts beginning in June 2023 that we think could create momentum for this business segment going forward."

"We provide 5G messaging products to both corporate customers and household users that offers enhanced 5G capabilities in the Chinese market. The features of our messaging products include rich media, strong interactivity, excellent transmission quality and high security for an improved customer experience. As a leading service provide in China's 5G communications field, we have unique and scalable products that enhance our market competitiveness and positions us for future growth," Ms. Liu concluded.

Datasea's 5G operating subsidiaries operate in various industry sectors, including chain retail, Internet and intelligent hardware. The Company serves a diverse and geographically dispersed customer base in China, offering clients comprehensive 5G messaging services, including multiple top-up plans, data interfaces, and a streamlined 5G messaging payment platform.

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