IceCure's ICE3 Trial Results Demonstrating 96.91% Recurrence Free Rate Featured In A Presentation At BISICON 2023 In India

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  • ICE3 trial will be finalized in Q1 2024
  • IceCure's distributor in India, Novomed, exhibited ProSense® and received a high level of interest from doctors, clinics, and hospitals
  • ProSense was used to perform India's first breast cryoablation procedure in June 2023

IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ:ICCM) ("IceCure" or the "Company"), developer of the ProSense® System, a minimally-invasive cryoablation technology that destroys tumors by freezing as an alternative to surgical tumor removal, today announced its participation in the 10th Annual Conference of the Breast Imaging Society of India (BISICON 2023) in conjunction with its in-country distributor, Novomed, from October 27-29, 2023. ProSense® was featured at Novomed's booth where doctors had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the cryoablation system.

ProSense® was installed and inaugurated at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital in May 2023 and in June 2023 the first breast cancer cryoablation procedure in India was successfully conducted.

Results from IceCure's ICE3 study of ProSense®, the largest U.S. controlled multicenter clinical trial ever performed for liquid nitrogen-based cryoablation of early-stage breast cancer, were featured in a talk given by the study's Co-Primary Investigator, Dr. Kenneth R. Tomkovich, during a session titled "Pushing the boundaries—Minimally invasive cancer therapies". Interim results, which were previously published, show a 96.91% recurrence free rate, 100% safety, and 100% doctor and patient satisfaction with cosmetic results. Recent independently conducted studies in Europe have demonstrated similar results. The ICE3 trial is expected to be finalized in the first quarter of 2024.

Dr. Tomkovich, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist with Princeton Radiology, CentraState Medical Center and Penn Princeton Medical Center, commented, "The ICE3 interim results show that early-stage breast cancer patients are achieving recurrence-free results that are comparable to surgical lumpectomy which is the current gold standard. Given the additional benefits of image guided cryoablation using ProSense®️ including the ability to be performed in an outpatient setting requiring only local anesthetic, minimal recovery time, and excellent cosmetic outcomes, cryoablation is proving to be an excellent choice for the right patients. I'm pleased to present these findings and share my personal experience with  ProSense®️ at medical conferences as I believe the wider adoption of cryoablation for breast cancer will improve outcomes and the quality of life for women around the world."

"ProSense had a very positive reception, both at Novomed's booth and at Dr. Tomkovich's presentation," stated IceCure's VP of Business Development and Global Marketing, Tlalit Bussi Tel Tzure. "In conjunction with Novomed, we are eager to have ProSense® rolled out to more hospitals in India. According to information published by Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, a cancer hospital located in Bangalore, India, one in 28 women in India is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and ProSense® can provide these women and their doctors the option of choosing a minimally invasive procedure with very safe and effective results."


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