Risk of Eye Infection - FDA Issues Strong Warning on Eye Drops from Major Retailers

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On Friday, the FDA issued a warning to consumers, cautioning them against the use of certain over-the-counter eye drops from various brands, including CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) and Cardinal Health Inc (NYSE:CAH). 

The FDA's advisory stems from concerns that these eye drops may lead to eye infections and, in some instances, potential vision loss.

The agency's cautionary stance revolves around 26 OTC eye drop products, primarily designed to alleviate symptoms of dry eyes and relieve eye irritation.

This advisory follows a recent FDA warning to eight companies, including CVS and Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc (NASDAQ:WBA), cautioning against the manufacturing or marketing unapproved eye products.

These eye drops are distributed by CVS Health, Rite Aid Corp (OTC: RADCQ), Cardinal Health, and Target Corp's (NYSE: TGT) Up & Up brand, as well as Velocity Pharma. 

The FDA has also urged manufacturers to recall all batches of these products after discovering unsanitary conditions in the production facilities.

Although the FDA's warning emphasizes the potential for partial vision loss or even blindness due to using these specific eye care products, it's crucial to note that the agency has not received any reports of adverse events or eye infections associated with these products thus far.

In response to the FDA's advisory, CVS, Rite Aid, and Target are taking swift action to remove these products from their store shelves and online platforms. 

The FDA has also indicated that products bearing the brands Leader, Rugby, and Velocity may still be available for purchase, but the agency strongly advises against acquiring them.

CVS has promptly halted the sale of all products supplied by Velocity Pharma following the FDA's notification and has committed to providing full refunds to customers returning the products. 

Following the FDA's warning, consumers are urged to dispose of these eye drop products properly.

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