Shark Tank Recap: Season 15, Episode 4. Would You Invest In Any Of These Startups?

Another week of "Shark Tank" is in the books, and several companies walked off the stage with a deal in place. Here's a closer look at the companies that pitched and how they fared in front of the sharks.


PaddleSmash blends the top features of pickleball and roundnet, creating a captivating outdoor game. Ideal for backyard or beach sessions, it promises enjoyment with your loved ones.

  • Entrepreneurs: Scott Brown and Tim Swindle
  • Business: Outdoor paddle game
  • Original proposal: $250,000 for 10% equity
  • Final agreement: $250,000 for 20% equity
  • Investing sharks: Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban

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FairyTail Pet Care

Imagine having your pet by your side on your big day. With FairyTail Pet Care, your dream can become a reality. As the only nationwide wedding pet care service in the US.. since 2015, FairyTail Pet Care ensures that both you and your beloved pet make the most of your special moment. 

  • Entrepreneurs: Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski
  • Business: Pet care for weddings
  • Original proposal: $75,000 for 10% equity
  • Final agreement: $75,000 for 22% equity
  • Investing shark: Barbara Corcoran


Designed by Mia Murr, Monosuit is where style meets sustainability. Inspired by space and dedicated to cleaner oceans, the signature EcoMonosuit is crafted in Italy from upcycled ocean fishing nets. It's versatile, comfortable and restroom-friendly, making it perfect for various activities from yoga to skiing. Admired by Hollywood's finest and spotlighted in elite magazines, Monosuit is pioneering a zero-waste fashion future.

  • Entrepreneur: Mia Murr
  • Business: Women's jumpsuit that unzips at the waist
  • Original proposal: $150,000 for 5% equity
  • Final agreement: No deal
  • Investing shark: None

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Buena Papa Fry Bar

Founded by the dynamic duo James and Johanna Windon, Buena Papa Fry Bar is where gourmet French fries meet global flavors. Taking inspiration from Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Greece and the U.S., the company serves a unique blend of dishes that tantalize taste buds. 

While savoring these creations, customers can also brush up on their Spanish with the bilingual menu. Buena Papa champions the idea that food is a unifying force, drawing communities closer. By fusing world flavors with beloved French fries, it encourages patrons to embrace and celebrate culinary diversity.

  • Entrepreneurs: James and Johanna Windon
  • Business: Loaded French fry dishes
  • Original proposal: $400,000 for 7% equity
  • Final agreement: $400,000 for 19% equity
  • Investing shark: Robert Herjavec

What Are Your Thoughts?

Would you have invested in any of these startups? Which one was your favorite? Least favorite?

While you may never have the opportunity to sit side by side with the sharks, remember this: You don't need to be on TV to invest in startups.

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