Sony's Insomniac Games Reveals A Webbed Link Between Wolverine And Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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Sony Group Corp's (NYSE:SONY) Insomniac Games has confirmed that their upcoming Wolverine game for PlayStation is indeed set in the same universe as Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

According to IGN, the confirmation came during an interview with Bryan Intihar, the director of Spider-Man 2. Both games share the universe designated as "1048."

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"They're all 1048," Intihar said. "I think I got that right," he chuckled, during the interview with Kinda Funny Gamescast.

This revelation suggests that Wolverine could potentially become part of Spider-Man's ongoing narrative, even though overt references and Easter eggs have been relatively scarce so far.

Despite the temptation to drop more hints about Wolverine in Spider-Man 2, the developers have chosen to give the Wolverine team the creative freedom they need to craft an exceptional game.

Intihar emphasized that both projects are complex, and they want to ensure the Wolverine game is the best it can be without boxing themselves into a corner.

"We wouldn't be true Marvel fans if we didn't have discussions like that, but I think for us it was, 'Hey, working on these games is really hard. They're really complicated.' And I think it was just like, 'Hey, let's let the Wolverine team cook.' Let's let them cook and if something ever happens in the future, great," Intihar said.

Marvel's Wolverine was first announced with a teaser trailer in 2021, boasting cutting-edge gameplay and an emotional narrative. Unfortunately, a release window for the game has yet to be disclosed.

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